Sunday, January 09, 2005

Getting rid of spyware

Are you an attorney in a small office, or responsible for the PC's within a law firm. If so, a recent article on Information Week geared to help small businesses could very well be of interest to you. I personally use AdAware and SpyBot and find them to be great products -- with other products I have seem them over-delete information and mess up internet connectivity, but these products seem to not have this problem (of course, be sure to follow their directions about how to restore systems to previous states in the event of a problem.

The article is located by clicking here.

Of course, another good way to avoid Spyware is to get off of IE and use Firefox or another leaner browser and to use a good firewall (I like Zone Alarm but there are plenty other good firewalls on the marketplace).

Hope this is helpful to you. Spyware can be a real hassle once a PC is hit with it.