Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Protecting data and information for employees working from home

We all take great pride and make great effort to be sure our office networks are protected, incoming files are scanned, etc. with respect to security and viruses.

But, how sure are we that privileged and confidential information is properly protected when employees are working at home. Do we know that employees have virus protection? Do we know if employees running wireless networks are protecting their packets with firewalls? Do we know if employees are easing sensitive law firm related data from their PC's prior to disposing of their PC's when they purchase new equipment?

Although I do not know for sure, it would seem to me that an educational program making employees aware of some of the more common risks and concerns when working on legal documents and cases on their home PC's might be a good idea. Being sure that issues such as those enumerated in the above paragraph clearly is in the interest of a law firm and their client.