Saturday, October 02, 2004

The 2004 Money Issue of CIO

This recent issue of CIO is very interesting. It describes, in detail, various techniques associated with evaluating the cost, benefit and value of IT projects. There are obviously many methods and each is well documented in this issue.

I post this here because I wonder how many law firms or legal technology experts are thinking of the IT Department as providing assets, if IT applications and projects are grouped together like a set of assets in a portfolio and evaluated in a financial manner, and if the promised deliverables and savings from projects are tracked and measured after a project has been completed.

Perhaps there are firms that are doing this, if so it would be interesting to hear how these methodologies which are commonly put into place within large Fortune 500 IT organizations are used within the legal technology field. If your firm is not doing this, this special issue of CIO might be of interest to you.

The issue is available by clicking here.