Thursday, September 30, 2004

ISP Security

Any of you responsible for selecting an ISP for your law firm's website, be sure you understand their security procedures and protocols. You need to protect against URL redirects, content replacement, denial of service attacks and other types of attacks. You also need to understand how ISP's can respond to attacks, use hot sites, or redirect problems caused by hackers aware from your server and your content.

If you think they are all the same, think again. Anyone can get hacked these days, even Al-Queda, whose website was hit today! Details on that attack are located be clicking here.

That also leads one to another point - you might want to understand what other types of organizations and entities are hosted with an ISP you are considering doing business with, and do everything you can to try and locate your website with an ISP which is not hosting any controversial or potentially problematic websites.