Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Xerdict / Method360 Alliance

The Xerdict Group LLC and Method360, Inc. announced today a strategic alliance that brings together Xerdict’s web based collaboration technology and professional services with Method360’s enterprise project management and IT management services.

The alliance serves several mutually beneficial strategic purposes. One such benefit is that this partnership will help to further broaden Method360's already impressive and broad set of technology consulting services into the additional vertical markets of hosted collaboration software products, focusing on the legal sector in areas such as litigation support, document management and law firm marketing. Furthermore, the union of Method360 and Xerdict will help provide additional delivery mechanisms into the marketplace for Xerdict's leading legal collaboration product, CaseEnsembleTM. And most importantly, for our present and future clients, this new alliance positions both Xerdict and Method360 to expand and grow the set and range of high quality services and products they provide.

"Developing an strong relationship with an elite consulting company such as Method360 illustrates the importance Xerdict places in identifying and partnering with best-in-breed firms as integartion partners for our hosted collaboration products" noted Kenneth Jones, Chief Information Officer of the Xerdict Group LLC. Furthermore, comments Jonathan Wong, a Managing Director at Method360, "The Xerdict-Method360 alliance will expand an established client base to provide legal and non-legal industry clients with a comprehensive range of technology consulting ."

Both Method360 and Xerdict are available to discuss collaboration or other technology consulting needs with current or prospective clients. Free demonstrations of the powerful and flexible CaseEnsembleTM are also available upon request.

About Xerdict

Xerdict Group LLC is a subsidiary of Sedgwick, Detert, Moran & Arnold LLP, one of America’s preeminent litigation and trial law firms. As part of Sedgwick’s focus on efficiency, productivity, and client service, Xerdict Group was founded in 2004 to offer outstanding litigation support technology including legal case management and practice management collaboration software products such as CaseEnsemble, ClientEnsemble and ProjectEnsemble and other technology-based litigation support services.

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About Method360

Method360, Inc. has provided high-end consulting services including enterprise technology project management, data architecture, business workflow, SAP integration and IT management services since 1997. Client industries include legal, financial, healthcare/pharmaceutical, telecommunications, utilities, retail and insurance.

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