Friday, January 28, 2005

Targeted Discovery Solutions

I recently had the opportunity to review a product from Docuity which was quite impressive and worthy of mention. Some text from them describing their product is below - it looks to be a promising player in the area of E-Discovery helping companies and law firms streamline this often laborious process.

We are in an age of information overload. Up to 85% of a company’s information exists as unstructured data; neither organized nor indexed. Nevertheless, eDiscovery technology can classify and manage the volumes of unstructured data that exists, helping to single out the truly important information. Docuity’s Targeted Data Extraction is a breakthrough service, designed to make the eDiscovery process up to 85% faster and more cost efficient by utilizing advanced pattern matching, rules-based analysis, and auto-categorization technologies. This pioneering technology can uncover connections among documents that, on the surface, may appear completely unrelated.

Docuity is an industry frontrunner for Targeted Discovery Solutions designed to service law firms and in-house counsel as well as corporate business managers and IT executives. Docuity's solutions help to streamline the pretrial eDiscovery process and to efficiently organize volumes of unstructured corporate data for applications such as regulatory compliance, competitive intelligence or mergers and acquisitions. Docuity's mission is to help its clients meet both the challenges and opportunities posed by the management of unstructured data such as email, faxes, PDFs, invoices, reports, and other text-based documents, whether in paper or electronic format. Throughput is currently at over 1 million pages a week and can be easily increased as demand requires.