Friday, September 03, 2004

Duke University IPod Program

Duke Univesity is issuing iPod's to all incoming freshman. They are loaded with orientation information, schedules, calendars and other information. And, they will be used to provide students with course materials both in text and audio format.

Might this be a way for law firms to effectively disseminate information within a firm (how to use litigation support services, procedures for submitting time, firm handbooks/policies and procedures, etc..)? In addition to providing a great tool to employees, a strategy such as this might help identify a law firm as a leader in the technology area, helping to attract the best available attorneys and helping to secure relationships with clients desirous of working with leading edge law firms. Although there are some costs of such a program, there are also benefits (better professional staff / marketing edge). It is, at the least, something to think about.

The article is available